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We would like to present ourselves in English because this is the language our students work with from the very first lesson. The communicative side of the language is very important to us. That means that even things that have nothing to do with the unit we are working on are said in English. “Can I say it in German?”, “Can I open the window?”, “What’s the homework?”, “Turn to page 23.” These are some of the phrases that students in grade 5, after very few English lessons, can say and understand. Of course grammar is very important; you need that to communicate properly. But we also help the students to feel comfortable in this new language. Not every mistake is corrected immediately if the aim of the exercise is communication.  Often students will use our English “titles” when they see us outside the classroom, outside of English lessons (Hallo, Mrs ..., Mr...).  This happens less the older they get but then when they are really old (senior school) and have chosen English as a main subject (language profile) they will quite naturally speak English with their course teacher outside of class.

In order to encourage the wish to use English naturally, we have an exchange possibility. This is with Beverly High School in Beverly, near Boston, USA. This is not only for the best students. Weaker students benefit from the exchange because they notice that the Americans they speak to understand them. They return to us feeling happier about speaking English.

We have two English theatre groups; one for the juniors (Junior English Theatre = JET) and one for the seniors (Senior English Theatre = SET). If you read the two together, you will be able to see what energetic groups they are! Again, this is not only an activity for those brilliant in English. Everyone is welcome. This also helps build up confidence in communicating in English.

Our students of English have, as in every subject, different levels of ability. But what we try to do is to show them that learning English is not only about getting the grammar absolutely right.  I have experienced eleven sets of school leavers who have not all had advanced English and I can safely say that almost all of them would have been perfectly capable of surviving linguistically in any English-speaking country.

I hope I have been able to give you an idea of our department and that you have enjoyed reading our page.

Best wishes,

Nicolette Rosanowski                                                                                                                                                 1st  February 2019